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Other Food Chemistries

In addition to custom REACTISOL formulations, Ortec, Inc. is also able to carry out other food chemistries, such as food additives and flavors, under cGMP conditions. Many of our new customers have questions about cGMP and how it relates to food chemistry. Below is a brief overview which will answer many of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

For a product to be classified as “food grade,” it must meet applicable guidelines as well as be held under conditions referred to as current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). These cGMP conditions apply to both the preparation and packaging processes. All Ortec, Inc. products intended for food use are created, packaged, and stored in inventory under cGMP conditions. These products also carry the label designation “food grade.”

Current good manufacturing practices are defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and focus on very detailed rules regarding record keeping, cleanliness, proper documentation, hygiene, and pest control. The highest of standards are also upheld in production facilities, storage facilities, and shipping carriers.

In general, food grade specifications require that products have higher assay values and increased analytical testing over those products resulting from standard, non-food grade conditions. Ortec will also fully comply with any Kosher needs.






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